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Picture: Gary B. Garland, Esq.

Gary B. Garland, Esq.
Certified Elder Law Attorney

Picture: Pia Serra

Pia Serra
Director of Client Services

Picture: Stephanie Balzofiore

Stephanie Balzofiore
Senior Paralegal

Picture: Melissa Jacobs

Melissa Jacobs
Medicaid Paralegal & Trust Funding

Picture: Dina Tuccillo

Dina Tuccillo
Administrative Assistant

Picture: Elyse Goldstein

Elyse Goldstein
Medicaid Paralegal

Picture: Tina Ruane

Tina Ruane
Social Worker/Elder Care Coordinator

Picture: Anne Pagnoni

Anne Pagnoni
Director of Community Outreach

Picture: John Florentino

John Florentino
Chief Financial Officer and Suite Manager

Six Ways We Distinguish Ourselves At Garland Law Offices, P.A.

  1. We’re certified. There are fewer than 45 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in New Jersey, and fewer than 45 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in New York. We believe we are the only firm with a Certified Elder Law Attorney in both New York and New Jersey.
  2. We’re focused. Some firms are all over the place, trying to do everything. We’re a “boutique” firm, meaning we focus just on estate planning and elder law. Doing one thing well, you become very competent.
  3. We advise. The law is complicated, and it is a relief to find someone who explains things in terms simple enough that you can make good decisions.
  4. We can relate. Some lawyers need a cheat sheet to remember your name. We spend time with you, planning your case, so we understand your needs and serve you better.
  5. We’re cost-effective. We bring great experience, the latest technology and compact size to bring greatest value to clients.
  6. We’re just good. We define quality generally as successful outcomes, and more specifically by the peace of mind we bring our clients.

A Helping Hand In Manalapan

It’s not easy getting older. You have to think about health and financial issues, including estate planning, asset protection, long-term care considerations and creating workable wills and trusts. You really can’t do it by yourself, and mistakes can be catastrophic. Attorney Gary Garland can not only help, but he’ll also explain the goals and strategies so clearly that you’ll be able to explain them, too.

Medicaid Planning · Wills And Trusts · Asset Protection

One of the biggest worries is falling sick and watching your life savings drain away. If you have a strong Medicaid plan in place, this won’t happen to you. You saved your assets for yourself, and to pass on to your loved ones. Let Garland Law Offices protect your assets for you and your family. Will you take action, or become a “burden” to your family? Do you want to leave a legacy?

Freehold-Area Estate Planning Attorneys

We serve clients across most of Central New Jersey and New York City, including Staten Island. We welcome serious inquiries from Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties. We offer free initial consultations where appropriate. We schedule telephone appointments to see if we’re a fit, and if so, we can meet and go on from there.

It’s not easy getting older. When you need help, call the Manalapan elder law attorneys at Garland Law Offices using our toll free number at (800) 544-9531 and in New York at (800) 406-1794.

Elder Counsel
Wealth Counsel

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