About John Florentino

New Jersey Chief Financial Officer and Suite Manager

Picture: John Florentino
John Florentino
Chief Financial Officer and Suite Manager

John Florentino is our Chief Financial Officer and Suite Manager. His duties include making sure the financial operations of the practice work well, ensures we are in compliance with taxes, oversees payroll, P&L, and ensures we have a thriving, successful practice able to care for our clients, today for the future. John’s belief is that performing excellent work is not enough – a business that is not fiscally responsible can not weather out seasons or properly handle their clients and infrastructure.

As Suite Manager, John is responsible for the overall issues with the suite, and was involved in the lease negotiations, dealing with vendors and contractors, and handling other issues for Garland Law Offices, P.A., Garland & Mason, LLC, and the other businesses within the suite. John accepts private clients for accounting issues – personal and businesses. John is an Enrolled Agent and frequently appears for audits resolving issues caused by prior accountants.

John lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey and is married to Sophia. They have a son, John. John attended college on a baseball scholarship and aside from athletic activities, enjoys collecting rare batman items and memorabilia.

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